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Tapas Party Menu

Nia Mediterranean Restaurant stands out as a premier destination for your party, especially when it comes to our Tapas Party Menu. Situated in the vibrant West Loop’s “Restaurant Row” on Randolph Street, Nia offers convenience that complements your day of exploration at nearby shops and boutiques. Nestled just west of the Loop, our location is easily accessible via expressways and public transportation. Plus, if you’re headed to the United Center, Nia is conveniently en route. Consider arriving for an early dinner and take advantage of our valet service, allowing you to enjoy your event with ease. Bring your friends or business group along anytime; Nia welcomes all.

Discover the delights of our Tapas Party Menu and explore the variety of tapas from across the Mediterranean. Our offerings include succulent gnocchi, zesty citrus ceviche, and delectable eggplant involtini. Nia boasts an intimate ambiance, making it perfect for a romantic date night, catching up with friends, or hosting group events. Elevate your tapas party with selections from Nia’s impressive global wine list, imported craft beers, or specialty spirits. And, for the grand finale, indulge in dessert with options like our beloved bread pudding drizzled with caramel sauce or homemade baklava.

Time is precious, and at Nia, we understand the importance of making your tapas party unforgettable. Let our outstanding service and delectable tapas menu elevate your event to its highest potential.

Reserve your spot online or give us a call at 312.226.3110. Nia Mediterranean Restaurant awaits to make your party truly special, especially with our Tapas Party Menu at the heart of it all.