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Your reception is shaping up to be the glittering, exceedingly chic event that you’ve always wanted, and there’s little doubt your guests will be talking about it for years to come. But all the cool kids know the rehearsal dinner is where the real party starts. Though the pre-wedding bash is a long-established tradition, remember that it really only has one prerequisite: it follows the wedding rehearsal. Instead of making it an extension of the wedding, consider the rehearsal dinner a chance to host an event that’s fresh and unexpected.

Nia offers such an option. Host a rehearsal dinner featuring fresh tapas in a whitewashed wine cellar reminiscent of a Mediterranean island. It’s casual, fun and effortless. Think about it: rehearsal dinners include a high concentration of people you love who have gathered in your honor; there’s no posing for photographers every few moments; and your hair won’t be piled in some extremely shellacked-but-breathtaking up-do you’ve never worn before (and will likely never wear again). So why not relax and let your hair down? With very little effort, Nia can help you assemble a rehearsal dinner that provides some much-needed calm before the busy storm of your wedding weekend.

As the star of the wedding weekend, you can re-direct the spotlight for one evening by dedicating the rehearsal dinner to the man in your life in the intimate setting at Nia. The beauty of the rehearsal dinner: with its much smaller guest list, it offers the perfect opportunity to explore an exciting menu in an environment not dictated by wedding ritual. A tapas style dinner allows your family and friends the opportunity to get to know one another before the main event. Served family style, tapas promote interaction and conversation among your guests. Nia provides a memorable place for you and your fiancé to host a pre-wedding event.

Very often weddings have a way of ballooning into family reunions, so put the focus back on you and your fiancé at the rehearsal dinner. Share food, laughs and love in a setting that puts the spotlight on you at Nia.