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Private Event in West Loop ChicagoHost your private event in West Loop Chicago at Nia Restaurant. Nia is delighted to offer several options for private events and private dining. The intimate main dining room radiates the golden colors of the sunny Mediterranean in its iridescent tiles, stained glass sconces and dabbled walls. The warmth of burgundy curtains and upholstery, as well as the deep wood tones, bring a comforting yet elegant setting perfect for private group events. Visit the wine cellar for a special Mediterranean treat. Whitewashed walls draw your eyes up to panoramic scenes of Lake Como and the classic white buildings of the Greek islands. During the summer months host your private event on our terrace looking out on one of the hottest streets in Chicago. Nia’s private events space are perfect for all of your special occasions from 20 – 100 guests.

Please fill out our Nia Restaurant Private Events Inquiry form to book a private event at Nia Restaurant. Answer the questions as accurately as possible and someone will contact you within 24 hours. For immediate assistance in booking your private party, call 312-226-3110 or email us